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Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill W/ Wi-Fi Controlled, WiFIRE & Pellet Sensor

(14 customer reviews)

$975.00 Incl. Tax

Key Features

  • Take Your Wood-Fired Cooking to the Next Level with Traeger Ironwood 650 TFB65BLF
  • Double side-walled interior for superior heat retention
  • D2 direct drive features the first built-to-last, brushless motor in the industry, as well as a variable speed fan
  • Monitor your Traeger wirelessly using the Traeger smart phone app
  • You can gauge and monitor the amount of pellets in the hopper with the built-in pellet sensor

Elevate your craft with the Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill W/ Wi-Fi Controlled, WiFIRE & Pellet Sensor . Grill more food and enjoy more versatility with 650 square inches of cooking area. The bottom cooking grate can be lowered for searing juicy steaks or raised for grilling.

Small Footprint, Big Grilling Surface

The main grilling rack is 22 X 19 inches of porcelain coated steel grilling surface accompanied by a 22 X 10.5-inch extra grill rack for a total grilling area of 650 square inches, letting you cook a full meal all at one time.

The Ironwood 650 Does it All: Low & Slow or Searing Hot

The versatility of this pellet grill allows you to smoke at temperatures as low as 165 degrees and then crank it up to 500 degrees to sear to perfection. The natural airflow inside of the grill allows for convection cooking, so you can bake a pizza right on your grill. Convection cooking also means you do not have to turn your meat, unless cooking at high temperatures or if you want even grill marks.

Traeger WiFIRE

Tired of babysitting your grill? Try out the WiFIRE controller to change the temperature, set timers, and access thousands of Traeger recipes using the Traeger app and your smart phone (available for iOS & Android devices). With the purchase of this grill, you will have access to the Traeger Grill Guide app with the perfect recipe for every occasion.

Comes with a built-in Traeger Pellet Sensor, which monitors the level of pellets in your hopper and alerts you with app notifications when it is time to refuel. The included meat probe stores above the control panel for quick access, easily connecting to a dedicated control panel port for precise monitoring.

An easy-to-use control panel & digital display gives you full control with a navigation dial and dedicated buttons for creating custom cook cycles and quick access to functions.

Traeger TRU Convection & Downdraft Exhaust System

TRU Convection Downdraft Exhaust fully circulates fresh blue smoke keeping smoke in the chamber longer, as well as maintaining an even heat and increasing the efficiency of the grill.

Traeger D2 Direct Drive

The D2 Direct Drive drivetrain technology makes the Ironwoods more durable, with the DC brushless motor, and increases the efficiency of the grill with Turbo Temp fast start-up, and the variable speed fan.

Efficient Pellet Consumption

When you turn on the grill, the auger begins to feed pellets into the firepot while the draft induction fan feeds air into it. The igniter rod is activated and glows red hot for the first four minutes to ignite the pellets in the firepot. These cost-effective pellets burn at a rate of only 2 lbs. per hour on high heat, 1 lb. per hour on medium heat, and only 1/2 lb. per hour when smoking. The Pro series also adds a clean-out to the hopper, allowing you to quickly change the smoke flavor of the pellets while grilling.

Additional Features

  • This energy efficient grill runs off a standard 110-volt outlet
  • Large capacity pellet hopper, holding up to 20 pounds of Traeger hardwood pellets. A hopper clean-out door lets you quickly empty contents for cleaning and swapping out flavors.
  • Concealed grease pan that slides out for easy cleanup
  • Super Smoke Mode lets you amp up the flavor with the push of a button
  • The Ironwood 650 has a keep warm mode so you can eat when you are ready to, not when the food is ready.
  • Food prep convenience with a stainless steel side shelf with BBQ tool hooks.
  • The Ironwood is built to outlast the competition from the ground up with a rock-solid sawhorse-style chassis, all-terrain wheels, heavy-duty locking casters and black powder coat finish

Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill


Traeger Ironwood 650 FAQ

How big is the Ironwood 650?

The Pro 575 pellet smoker is 46-in wide, 27-in deep, and 48-in high. It weighs 146 lbs. The main cooking grid is 22×19 inches, and the secondary grid is 22×10.5-inches, for a total of 650 square inches of cooking area.

Can you smoke on the Traeger Ironwood 650?

Absolutely! The Ironwood 650 offers a temperature range of 165-500 degrees Fahrenheit, so low-and-slow smoking is not a problem.

Does the Ironwood 650 have a pellet sensor?

Yes, the Traeger Pellet Sensor is built-in, and when using WiFIRE it will alert your smartphone when pellets are running low.

Does the Ironwood 650 have WiFi?

It sure does! Traeger WiFIRE technology gives you remote control of your grill – change temps, set timers, and more all from your smartphone.

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill W/ Wi-Fi Controlled, WiFIRE & Pellet Sensor

  1. Anonymous

    I purchased the Ironwood 650 with front shelf and cover to use as a “daily-driver” and it is AMAZING!!!! Heats up rapidly, cools down quickly, and we use the Wifire for recipes and remote monitoring almost every time we use it!

  2. Anonymous

    Traeger never ceases to astound me, and the new Ironwood 650 is no exception! With additional features like super smoke, keep warm, timer, and the ability to send recipes directly to my grill using my smartphone and the Traeger App, this grill is not only remarkable but brilliant! A 20-pound hopper holding is ideal for longer meals and the ability to lower the bottom grate for searing steaks and other items for those beautiful grill marks we all adore.

  3. Anonymous

    Simply told, the Ironwood 650 is unlike any grill I’ve ever used. The new technology is truly revolutionary. Simply simply, this grill heats up faster, more consistently, and at a higher rate. Wi-Fi enabled technology is something I’ve rapidly grown to appreciate. Simply told, this grill is so simple to use that it makes me appear to be a true pit master. If you’re serious about making some next-level food, the Ironwood is well worth the money.

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve had my Ironwood for a few months and I’m really enjoying all of the additional features. This grill heats up quickly! 500 degrees is no problem because the wait time for maximum heat is much less with turbo temperatures. I’ve saved a ton of pellets thanks to the new D2 drive mechanism. I’ve run cooks overnight, and the temperature changes are minor because to the double walled sides. There is plenty of space inside and the exterior is stunning. I adore my Ironwood!

  5. Anonymous

    This grill has quickly become one of my favorites! I like the things it provides. I like how it was built and how it looks. Very little footprint for the amount of meat you can fit on it! So Fantastic

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve had pellet barbecues for years. I just acquired this to replace mine Yoder, which had chipped paint. I really like what Traeger has done in recent years with the core technology, WiFi connectivity, and so forth. With their app, you can monitor your smoke while you’re abroad and even store your recipes. I adore my Traeger.

  7. Anonymous

    I adore my Traeger grills. So adaptable. Eggs, bacon, banana bread, brisket, roasts, chilli, soup, lasagna, wild game… you name it, they can cook it!

  8. Anonymous

    This is the best grill I’ve ever bought; it produces amazing results and is quite simple to use. I’ll never go back to a gas or charcoal grill since nothing compares this one. It was well worth the money, and I’m really pleased with it. This is the first pellet grill I’ve ever had, and it’s simply fantastic. If you go with Traeger pellet grills, you’ll never go back to a standard barbecue. Nothing beats an excellent job traeger. Keep up the wonderful effort; you’ve truly excelled yourself.

  9. Anonymous

    This grill is made to withstand battle! This grill’s recovery temperature is exceptional! I’m glad I expanded my barbecue collection.

  10. Anonymous

    Both the pro 22 and 34 have been mine. I made the decision to upgrade to the Ironwood because of its new brushless motor and Wi-Fi capabilities. I had no clue how much faster my Traeger would reach temperature or how much simpler it would be to start. Additionally, my Ironwood 885 has no trouble maintaining a temperature of 500?, which makes it perfect for cooking my preferred steak. The Wifire function makes the play come to life. Simply adore my new Traeger!

  11. Anonymous

    This grill is fantastic – it’s exactly right!!! The size is ideal for cooking for two or a group of ten. The second adjustable shelf is fantastic. The new controller includes WiFire, Super Smoke, a D2 disconnected drive mechanism that enables for quick recovery, and it can reverse sear. It sounds like a tornado inside when it starts rocking. Although I compete on the 850s, this is my go-to grill at home. It simply feels good.

  12. Anonymous

    I was so pleased that I got a new Ironwood 650. The D2 system is not a hoax. There is a significant difference between this grill and my previous Gen 1 grill. The ease of usage is incredible. For the majority of my cooks, I utilize my app to control the Ironwood. This has given me more time to be with family and friends while dinner is being prepared. What I’m most pleased with is the consistency of the cook time, quality, and flavor. On this grill, I can get the same results cook after cook. I’ve done high heat and low and slow with great success. If you’re on the fence about purchasing this model or whether you should upgrade from a Gen 1, go for it!

  13. Anonymous

    I got the IronWood 650 from a local dealer a week before it was released. Several uses later, and this device has not let me down! It becomes really hot and maintains a temperature of +/- 7 degrees during the cook. The device weighs more than 350 pounds but glides on wheels. I can’t wait to make some brisket next week! This grill comes highly recommended!!

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve been looking for a new Traeger since the Timberline sold out at Christmas 2018. The wait was well worth it! Traeger went above and beyond in every way. From easy unpacking through assembly, even a third grader could do it. The Ironwood is appropriate for all skill levels, from novice to expert. The new controller and app make operation easier than ever. I’m used to the tailgater, and this is a delight in comparison. I’ve baked filled chicken, slow cooked pot roast, and grilled jerk chicken at high heat. Everything has turned out beautifully. The only thing I’m not sure about is that when you’re on super smoke, you don’t get the expected amount of smoke.

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