Weber SmokeFire EX6 Gen 2 Pellet Grill 36-Inch Wi-Fi Enabled
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Weber SmokeFire EX6 Gen 2 Pellet Grill 36-Inch Wi-Fi Enabled

(7 customer reviews)

$1,009.00 Incl. Tax

Key Features

  • 100 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee For SmokeFire Grills Purchased Starting 5/26/2021
  • Temperature range of 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit allows smoking and searing
  • Dual level grilling surface provides 1,008 square inches of cooking area
  • DC-powered engine is specially designed to prevent auger jams
  • Flavorizer Bars distribute even heat across the cooking area, preventing hot and cold spots

Get ready to experience the Weber take on pellet grilling with the new and updated Weber SmokeFire EX6 Gen 2 Pellet Grill. The engines of these wood fired pellet grills run hot and fast to reach a temperature range of 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows you to smoke, sear, bake, and cook in just about any way you would like. You can achieve perfectly seared steaks, dripping BBQ ribs, or delicious dessert with ease.

The built-in Weber Connect display and smartphone app lets be in control of every aspect of your grill so you can always cook with confidence, and includes the SmokeBoost feature with up-to-date software and firmware right out of the box. Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, this step-by-step grilling assistant will send you notifications about everything from when you should flip your food to when it will be ready to serve. You can view them through the built-in, LCD display that is easy to read and resists weather. Controlling your temperature is also possible using your smartphone, and Weber Connect even alerts you when your pellets are getting low and you need to refuel.



Weight178 lbs


The pellet hopper can hold 22 pounds of fuel at once, and pellets are fed into the variable-speed auger that was placed on an incline so it never jams. Once the SmokeFire EX6 pellet grill gets going, you have 1,008 square inches of cooking area to play with. There are two levels of plated steel cooking grates within this grill, the body of which is built from porcelain-enameled steel meant to stand the test of time and be easily cleaned. You can find exclusive Weber porcelain-enamel in both the durable finish and the heat distribution plate that gets rid of hot and cold spots. Weber Flavorizer bars also help evenly spread heat within SmokeFire pellet grills, and you have the ability to add a flash of wood fired flavor with the Smoke Boost feature.

For even more flavor and moisture, Weber SmokeFire grills can accommodate a separately sold water pan and rack that sit above the Flavorizer bars to save space. SmokeFire EX6 grills have an easy-clean system that funnels ash and grease down into a removable drawer so you never have to deal with a messy grease bucket. They come on a sturdy heavy-duty steel cart frame with two locking casters and two non-locking casters, a large stainless steel side table that offers helpful tool hooks, a new hopper slide that assists with the flow of pellets using a steeper angle, a welded chute to decrease temperature fluctuations and mid cook interuptions, two extra glow plugs for future use, and two meat probes for more accurate temperature readings. No matter what you have a taste for, the Weber SmokeFire EX6 pellet grill delivers wood fired flavor like no other.

Weber assumes 100% responsibility for the return and refund of the SmokeFire purchased through Global Trading Ventures. The 100 days begins from the date of purchase. Claims will be initiated through the Weber Consumer Care department. The consumer must have their receipt and register their grill upon receipt. Weber will arrange pick up from the consumer, process the refund for the Global Trading Ventures customer, and send them a check within 4-6 weeks after receiving the grill.

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Weber SmokeFire EX6 Gen 2 Pellet Grill 36-Inch Wi-Fi Enabled

  1. Anonymous

    This smoker is excellent. I would buy this again and wouldn’t even think about the competition, with the exception of the fact that the hopper on the back side isn’t the easiest thing to fill.

  2. Anonymous

    This pellet grill is fantastic. Both grilling at high temperatures and low and slow temperatures work well. I adore how grilling allows you to see the actual flames. Both using it and cleaning up have been simple. I suggest it.

  3. Anonymous

    I did my due homework in researching the EX6 and other manufacturers, and the EX6 offers the most value for my money. Cooked ribs, chicken breast with cream cheese and bacon wrapped…performed wonderfully and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I’m grateful to Weber for inventing the pellet grill.

  4. Anonymous

    A Weber, that is. What else needs to be said? It cooks well, is sturdy, and looks great.Additionally, they offer the best parts availability and customer service. You can sear steaks and it cooks slowly.

  5. Anonymous

    So far, very good!For the second generation, I waited. I’ve used other brands of pellet grills, and Weber remedied their problems. I’m not sure how they could make the hopper slope better, despite the fact that it may be. It’s nice to have the hopper drop from a higher vantage point since it allows for a much larger flame in the pot without backfire. The only thing I would alter is that you cannot resume or continue cooking after you turn it off. You must allow it to completely shut down. Overall, however, the app is simple, has quick heating, great smoke, is simple to clean, and best of all, has stainless grates.

  6. Anonymous

    My second Weber grill, and I have to say what a great company they are. On the SmokeFire, I recently created the finest pig butt I’ve ever had, and I love it.

  7. Anonymous

    Several cooks have now worked on the Smokefire (Version 2). I’ve had no issues at all, and I really appreciate how simple and precise the internal temperature control is to use. I recently finished preparing a 7-bone rib roast, and the Smokefire worked without a hitch. Amazing BBQ.

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