Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill W/ Smoker
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Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill W/ Smoker

(22 customer reviews)

$727.00 Incl. Tax

Key Features

Gravity Series combines the flavor & versatility of charcoal with the convenience of pellet grills

  • Cook from anywhere over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi using the Masterbuilt App
  • GravityFed hopper ensures that fresh charcoal feeds the fire and ash drops into the bin below
  • Hopper holds 10 lbs lump charocoal or 16 lbs charcoal briquettes for 8 hours of cooking time
  • Reach 225 degrees in just 10 minutes for smoking or 700 degrees in just 15 minutes for searing

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series is revolutionizing charcoal grilling. This Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill takes the flavor and versatility of cooking with charcoal and pairs it with the convenience of a pellet grill. Using gravity to continuously feed fuel to the fire, variable speed DigitalFan technology stokes the flame to the precise temperature you set on the easy to use PID controller – or your smart phone. Within 10 minutes you can reach low and slow smoking temperatures of 225 degrees, or let it heat up to 700 degrees in a few minutes more for a perfectly seared steak.

The vertical charcoal hopper can hold 10 lbs of lump charcoal or 16 lbs of charcoal briquettes, providing up to 8 hours of cooking time. Gravity ensures fresh charcoal is always pushed towards the fire and spent ash drops into the bin below. Buy 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill online today.

For shorter cooks, save the rest of that charcoal for next time by using the included slides that cut off airflow and snuff out the fire. Mix in some wood chunks, either in the charcoal hopper or the smoldering ash bin, to add flavorful smoke to your cook. Heat and smoke are sent into the cooking chamber via the carefully designed manifold, which features graduated ports that allow heat to spread evenly throughout the body.

The main cooking surface consists of double sided cast iron cooking grates, with a wide side perfect for searing and a narrow side which permits more smoke to reach your food. Above are two porcelain coated FoldAway warming racks perfect for indirect cooking, which can be folded out of the way for extra space on the main cooking surface. These combine for a total of 1050 square inches of cooking space for whatever you can think of. Smoke in the chamber circulates and then exits through the rear vent, ensuring that it envelops your food no matter which level it sits on.

The innovation does not stop there, however, as you have the ability to control your grill + smoker using the Masterbuilt App on your smart phone. Simply pair your device to the grill and then set a temperature, set a timer, and receive notifications when your cook is done – all over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This grill comes with a meat probe, and has ports for 3 more, all which can be monitored wirelessly. For added prep space, this grill comes equipped with a stainless steel folding front shelf. Gravity Series 1050 for sale near you.

The side shelf features tool hooks and a small drawer for storing the power supply, and a full length bottom shelf provides extra storage. Four wheels, including two locking casters, are included for portability. With the ability to smoke, sear, bake, and roast effortlessly, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker lets you master the art of charcoal grilling.



Reviews (22)

22 reviews for Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill W/ Smoker

  1. Anonymous

    Finally, a gravity feed system that is less expensive than most other brands. I’ve used it a few times now and am really pleased with the performance and level of smoke I get from what I cook. This smoker has made me very pleased.

  2. Anonymous

    This is a fantastic BBQ! It has a lot of interesting features. It was straightforward to assemble and use. It has a digital control panel where you can adjust the temperature, or it can be managed by Bluetooth with your smartphone. The connection was a little difficult at first, but I got it under control in a matter of minutes and it worked flawlessly. Because of the gravity fed hopper, it heats up quickly and lasts a long time, which is quite beneficial. I love how much space you have in your kitchen! It appears to be well-made and durable. This grill appears to be just what my family requires. I know how to grill, smoke, sear, and so on. I wholeheartedly suggest this grill!

  3. Anonymous

    I assembled and seasoned the unit….So far, I’ve used it every day I’ve been off work…brisket, burgers, steak, ribs…even a smoked cheesecake…all have turned out fantastic.

  4. Anonymous

    This is quite the sophisticated grill. It has a lot of features and capabilities including a smoker. There was a fair amount of assembly required so get ready to follow the instructions to put this thing together. I am used to a very basic charcoal grill so I was not expecting a lot of assembly or the startup procedure to get the grill going (there is a multi-step and multi-temperature procedure for first time use). But once you get passed the assembly and setup, this is a fantastic party grill.

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve owned it for about a month. And it’s been amazing; the benefit of being able to maintain a temperature is incalculable. And it does it flawlessly, whether you’re smoking something at 225 degrees or cooking a steak at 450 or 500 degrees. It’s simple to fire and refill the charcoal.

  6. Anonymous

    This is by far the best smoker I’ve ever had!
    I’m really amazed! I have a gas grill, a pellet smoker, a wood smoker, and now this charcoal smoker, and this is hands down the best of the group! This smoker produces excellent flavor and softness. It is quite simple to light and use. I prefer lump charcoal, which is intrinsically tough to light, but in this smoker, it just requires 1 piece of paper towel, which I sprayed with olive oil to make it burn slower.

  7. Anonymous

    Everything that can be controlled directly on the smoker can also be controlled via the app. When you set timers or temperature alarms, not only does the smoker notify you, but your phone does as well, no matter where you are! The charcoal hopper can carry a complete 20-pound bag of charcoal briquets for nearly 12 hours of continuous cooking. Lump charcoal differs due to the various sizes and forms. Also, when you’re finished cooking, the smoker is quite simple to turn off.

  8. Anonymous

    I purchased this after researching pellet grills for nearly a year. This is an excellent alternative that outperforms leading pellet grills in terms of flavor, temperature control, and pricing.

  9. Anonymous

    I will never use my other grills again. I was hoping it would function as described, and it did! I’m really satisfied and thrilled with my buy. I simply wish I had purchased it sooner.

  10. Anonymous

    I’ve had this grill for almost a month and I still can’t say enough good things about it. One of my favorite features is not needing to remove old charcoal before putting new to my chimney! And with that, no more chimney, at least not for a kettle I have but not for the MB 560, dump and light. As the title suggests, I am an average backyard barbecuer, so I use this rarely – but I have smoked some ribs and poultry, cooked a wonderful steak, and finished with a gorgeous sear. Load it, ignite it, shut it down, turn it on, and go. Check your phone and manage the temperature – but don’t go too far because it will disconnect from the grill and be an annoyance continuously syncing up.

  11. Anonymous

    The grill is fantastic. I’ve used it three times so far, first for burgers and hotdogs, then for two butts and a rack of ribs. I smoked continuously for 20 hours and the temperature remained constant. It did consume the charcoal a little faster than claimed, going through two and a half bags, but that was no problem given how simple it was to operate. I like that I can adjust the temperature and forget about it. I wholeheartedly endorse!!!

  12. Anonymous

    Excellent grill and smoker. Fantastic roasted chicken and grilled burgers. Ribs were cooked to perfection.

  13. Anonymous

    So far, it’s been a terrific product that we’ve used about ten times in the last month for ribs, tri tips, chicken, and steak. Also made some vegetables, chili, and cheesy bread, and the temperature adjustment and ability to maintain has been fantastic.

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve had my masterbuilt for just over a year. I maintain a little barbecue catering business, but my masterbuilt is strictly for personal usage. At least four times every week, I use my grill. It’s the most versatile and user-friendly barbecue I’ve ever owned. I can smoke anything from mackerel to cookies without incident. Big earl is the moniker I gave to my grill, and he never fails to deliver. I strongly suggest it.

  15. Anonymous

    I’ve smoked and grilled on it; either way, it improves the flavor of your food! It has a delicious smoky charcoal flavor!

  16. Anonymous

    I bought this for my husband for Father’s Day! He is completely smitten. We had a cookout, and everyone raved about how good the food was.

  17. Anonymous

    I’ve owned the Gravity Series 800 for approximately 6 months and I adore it. I was going to get the 1050, but I went with the 800 because it included the griddle adapter. Easy to use, keeps temperature well, and heats up quickly as claimed. And the griddle attachment is fantastic. There are two units in one. I’ve done several long and short cooks on it. And it truly does maintain temperature and cut off quickly to conserve fuel (charcoal/wood). The griddle is ideal for making breakfast, burgers, cheesesteaks, and steak. It is very simple to clean. I did had one flame up, but it was due to my failure to clean it between cooks.

  18. Anonymous

    Every weekend, I use the barbecue to prepare my meat for the week. I made ribs, brisket, catfish, salmon, pork loins, hamburgers, steaks, and meatloaf. Everything turns out well, with a nice smokey flavor.

  19. Anonymous

    For many years, I’ve been looking for a smoker that will add layers of flavor while without needing me to constantly monitor the pit… That is exactly what the gravity series has done! When I said that altered my life, I wasn’t joking. This now allows me to run a business with high-quality food and a high-quality machine that didn’t cost me a lot of money to purchase. When you consider the convenience of being able to quickly heat up to high temperatures in order to use it as a grill, it easily outperforms all other competitors!

  20. Anonymous

    We are incredibly pleased. The best purchase we’ve made in a long time. Everything from brisket to whole chicken to pork loin to steaks is expertly cooked and smoked. It’s also fantastic on the sides!

  21. Anonymous

    This is the nicest charcoal grill I’ve ever had; it performs just as described, and I couldn’t be happier! The grill and griddle features provide limitless possibilities, and this thing will get hot!

  22. Anonymous

    I can’t say enough good things! With one purchase, I replaced a gas grill, propane smoker, and camp chef griddle. I absolutely adore my Gravity Series 1050!

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