Olive Seed Flour Never Before Available

Olive Seed Flour, Naturally Gluten-Free / Non-GMO

  • Increases elasticity in Gluten-Free dough
  • High levels of vegetable fiber (60%) and plant protein (20%)
  • 100% Natural ingredient 
  • Easy application for Artisan or Industrial 
  • Adding olive seed flour at levels of 1.5% - 8% of total flour can be sufficient to obtain excellent results.

The Video on the left demonstrates the elasticity of bread produced with Olive Seed Flour.  


Olive Seed Flour Production

Olive Seed Flour is obtained from the seeds contained in the olive pits. The seeds are subjected to a proprietary cold-pressing process where a defatted cake is obtained, then milled and sieved obtaining an exceptionally rich fiber and protein flour with a particle size of < 500 microns.   The appearance is a brown orange homogenous powder with a soft and pleasant flavor to olive seed.  This flour can be used  as an ingredient for both fortified and functional foods, including feed. 

Excellent for producing a variety of Products


Excellent for producing breads


Pizza, Crackers, Pie Crusts


Doughnuts, Pastries, Cookies, Cakes

Olive Seed Flour is a New Product Never before Available

Olive Seed Flour is produced in the Country of Spain by Nutexa.  Nutexa is a high-quality producer of all-natural food ingredients holding ISO 22000 Certification. Nutexa holds the seal of ECOCERT, the highest European Certification authority for natural products and sustainable agriculture. 

Global Trading Ventures, Inc. is the US/Canadian Distributor 

of Nutexa products.