Our natural olive fruit extract is a high-quality product standardized with up to 40% hydroxytyrosol 

It has been manufactured from selected olives through a sustainable production process using high performance liquid chromatography. The synergy of hydroxytyrosol with the rest of the polyphenols from the olive fruit provides very high antioxidant properties. 

Key areas of use;  antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and cardiovascular protection

Key Characteristics 

  • High Stability: Shelf life with hydroxytyrosol is over two years. Products are soluble in water and fatty media. 
  • Adaptable Formats: 10%, 20%, 40% hydroxytyrosol.  Comes in two formats; liquid and powder. The two formats favor its adaptability for the intended application. This prevents unnecessary loss of the extract and facilitates the incorporation of the product in many formulations. 
  • Patented Process for extraction
  • ECOCERT Certficate: Our natural olive extracts have the quality seal of ECOCERT, the highest European certification for natural products from sustainable agriculture. 
  • Health Claim at EFSA: The European Food Safety Authority expert panel has stated that hydroxytyrosol from olive oil contributes to the protection of blood lipids against oxidative damage. 
  •  ISO 22000 Certification 

 **Global Trading Ventures, Inc is the US/Canada Distributor for Nutexa Natural Ingredients and Extracts