Natural Rosemary Extract

Our natural extracts of rosemary have a high concentration of antioxidant, antibacterial and photoprotective components due to the patented and exclusive extraction process. 

These extracts are obtained using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) resulting in high levels of rosmarinic and carnosic acid. Both of these phenols are the  most potent components of rosemary. 

Rosemary extracts are known t o protect from the oxidative damage generated by excess radiation. 

Examples of foods which rosemary extracts have proven effective are; animal fats, vegetable oils, dairy products, seafood, bread/bakery, mayonnaise, meats, spices, beverages and animal feed. 

Key Characteristics

Rosemary Extract 4% (Carnosic acid + Carnosol > 4%)

* Liquid Solubile in oils, dispersible in aqueous systems

Rosemary Extract 6% (Rosmarinic acid  > 6%)

*Powder, Soluble in water 

Rosemary Extract DTP 15% (Carnosic acid + Carnosol acid > 15%)

* Powder, Insoluble in water, vegetable oil dispersible

Rosemary Extract DTP 15% Feed (>15% Total diterpenes)

* Powder, Insoluble in water, vegetable oil dispersible 

Rosemary Extract 18 ( >18% Carnosic acid +Carnosol)

*Powder, soluble in fats and oils

Rosemary Extract 18 ( >15% Carnosic acid)

*Powder, solutble in fats and oils

  • High Stability: Shelf life up to two years. Yellow-greenish to brownish viscous liquid, pourable at room temperature. Soluble in oils, dispersible in aqueous systems. 
  • Country of Origin: Spain with plant material of Rosmarinus Officinalis 
  • Adaptable: Our Rosemary extracts are suitable for aqueous systems; especially rosmarinic acid as well as fatty systems where carnosic acid is more effective
  • ISO 22000 Certification

 **Global Trading Ventures, Inc is the US/Canada Distributor for Nutexa Natural Ingredients and Extracts 


Clean Label

Consumers are demanding products with a list of ingredients that are easy to understand, minimally processed if at all and prefer no artificial ingredients. Global Trading Ventures is a proud distributor of high-quality natural extracts applicable to the food, natural supplement, animal feed and cosmetic industries. Our natural ingredients provide manufacturers with the opportunity to develop “clean label” products.