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Olive Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Working directly with farmers and producers throughout the Mediterranean, South America and California;  Global Trading Ventures offers some of the best specialty extra virgin olive oils available. 

Single varietals include; Arbequina, Arbosana, Ayvalik, Chetoui, Coratina, Cornicabra, Frantoio, Hojiblanca, Koroneiki, Picual and Picuda. Specialty blends of olive oils are sourced for quality, consistency and taste. Sold in Bulk/Wholesale or Private Label.

Certifications of specific oils include: Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, Non GMO, PDO and PGI Certication.

Refined Oils

Depending upon your application; Industrial, Cosmetic or Food we offer the following: 

  • Pure Olive Oil -With 20% additional extra virgin olive oil
  • Refined Olive Oil
  • Pomace Oil - With 10% additional extra virgin olive oi

Sunflower Oil - Organic / Non Organic

  • High Oleic
  • Linoleic

Canola Oil - Organic / Non Organic 

Sunflower/Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend 

  • Excellent for Food Service, Restaurants, Food Manufacturing 
  • Cost Effective - Great Value 



Kalamata Olives famous for taste and texture are produced and handpicked in Greece. Sold in a variety of sizes, weights and containers

Specialty Vinegars

All Natural Wine Vinegars - Balsamic & Infused

Our California Specialty Vinegars are all natural with no thickening agents or fillers.  Produced in the heart of California's wine country we offer beautiful Balsamic Vinegars along with natural infusions of; Fig, Peach, Apple, Pomegranate, Cherry, Blackberry, Cinnamon Pear, Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry Pear and Honey Ginger, 

Our Champagne Vinegars are produced from the Chardonnay grape and can include infusions of; Pear, Honey, Lemon and Orange.  The Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes produce a very elegant taste profile and are excellent for food service, food manufacturing or as stand alone in gourmet olive oil and vinegar stores. 

Service Offering

Quality, Consistency, Certification

As your import/export partner we provide a full service solution delivering products to the Port of choice or to your designated location directly. 

Global Trading Ventures ensures appropriate documentation, certification and compliance. Every lot is tested by a third party independent laboratory and supplied for each shipment to ensure product quality and safety.  

Product Development

Working directly with Certified Organoleptic Chemists and IOC tasting experts, Global Trading Ventures, can help you develop a specific product targeting a taste profile and/or price point for your specific application. 

Private Label

Global Trading Ventures can help you evaluate a variety of options for Private Label. There are a number of bottles, containers available with a range of pricing to fit your needs.

About Us


Jane Duffy, President and CEO of Global Trading Ventures, Inc. founded the company in 2008 with a passion for sustainable agriculture and biodiversity.

Jane works directly with farmers and producers to source quality products facilitating ethical trade, collaboration, trust and profitability. 

Headquartered in the State of California, a leading agricultural state in the US, Global Trading Ventures, has established partnerships throughout the world. 

An accomplished business professional with more than 20 years experience as a senior executive, Jane has held COO, General Management and Senior leadership positions within the industries of medical/healthcare, environmental and emerging software technologies. Jane considers herself a Global Citizen honoring the interdependence and respect of people, cultures and nations promoting understanding and responsible trade. 

Industry Certifications include: 

  • Supply Chain Management Principles, Certified by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
  • Olive Oil Sommelier Certification Course I & II, Certified by the International Culinary Center and the Olive Oil Times Education Lab
  • California Agricultural Export Program, Certified by the California Centers for International Trade Development 

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