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Greek Olives

Olives are fruits of the tree known as Olea europaea. "Olea" is the latin word for "oil", reflecting the olives very high fatty acid content, of which 75% is oleic acid.  "Europea" reminds us that olives are native to the Mediterranean region of Europe. 

Olives cannot be eaten right off the tree; they require special processing to reduce their intrinsic bitterness, caused by the glycoside oleuropein, which is concentrated in their skin.  These processing methods vary with the olive variety, cultivation region, and the desired taste, texture and color to be created.  Some olives are picked green and unripe, while others are allowed to fully ripen on the tree to a black color.

Greece produces several delicious varieties of olives including Kalamata, Amifissa Black and Green, Chalkidiki and Throubes, most of which are available as PDO products as well. 

Olives are packed in a variety of sizes, weights and containers 
(Minimum Order One Pallet)  
Pricing is dependent upon volume and frequency.