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Fine Olive Oils from Greece

Global Trading Ventures works with a number of  "select" agricultural cooperatives, among the biggest in Greece to offer the finest Olive Oils from Kalamata, Crete and Peloponnesus.   As a result, we are able to ensure a consistent year-round supply of QUALITY Olive Oil at a reasonable cost to our commercial partners.  

We offer the following:

BULK SHIPMENT of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other grades of Olive Oil such as Virgin, Refined or Pure Olive Oils. Normally filtered Olive Oil is supplied in Flexitanks, but shipment in steel drums can be arranged. 

A CHEMICAL ANALYSIS CERTIFICATE accompanies each shipment and a Surveyors Certificate can also be arranged upon request. 

Our Greek partners have recently completed a new "State of the Art" 15,000 square foot production facility, ensuring all olive oil is produced at the highest standards.  

We are proud to offer a selection of specialty Olive Oils from the regions of Kalamata, Crete and Peloponnesus.  These fine Olive Oils have unique flavors, aroma and characteristics known worldwide for their "specialty" labeling and region of

Specialty Olive Oils include:  
Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Extra-Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a unique product with negligible acidity always below 0.2%

Strict Quality Control is upheld as all oils are produced according to ISO and HACCP standards. 

Private Labeling is available based upon volume, frequency and commitment. 

Pricing of all oils is based upon volume and frequency.