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Natural Honeys

Our Greek honey ranks in terms of taste and quality amongst the best in the world. The diversity of the Greek fauna provides a variety of alternative sources for the bees, as well as an ideal climate and low moisture content.  

Honey derived from Thyme is considered the tastiest, followed by honey derived from Fir trees, Pine trees, wild herbs and flowers.  Vanilla Fir Tree honey is considered to be the healthiest as it has significantly lower sugar content.

In September 2006, both our Thyme and Vanilla Fir Tree honeys were awarded the Silver Medal in the 2006 Great Taste Awards fair, organized by the Guild of Fine Food Retailers in London. 

We offer the following Honeys
(Packaged in 250 gr. jars - Minimum order one pallet)

Thyme Honey
Vanilla Fir-Tree Honey
Thyme-Flower & Coniferous trees Honey
Wild Flower & Conifer Honey
Honey with Honeycomb

Pricing is dependent upon Volume and Frequency

Quality Control Standards
In alignment with EU standards, a sample of each batch of honey is collected and sent for testing and is tested and certificated for the traceability of antibiotics, insecticides, pesticides, weed killers and other illegal substances.  All honeys will be supplied with a chemical analysis certificate upon request.

We Guarantee:
Our honey does not contain additives such as glucose or other substances.
Our honey is 100% natural product and undergoes no other treatment except filtration.