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As Your Valued import/export partner, our Mission is: To source, supply and trade quality products and services at a reasonable cost, to the Food & Beverage Industry worldwide. 

Headquartered in Southern California, Global Trading Ventures is located in the top food and agricultural State in the US.  In fact, California alone ships over $50 billion USD worth of food products annually, both domestically and internationally. 

With established strategic partnerships and key supply agreements throughout Europe, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Brazil, China, Philippines, Guam and North America, we are able to serve your import/export needs with the following:

  • Do you have a product or service you would like to source, import or export within the Food & Beverage Industry, either domestically or internationally?
  • Are you seeking to expand your existing product or service line to enhance revenue and/or profits in new global markets?
  • Do you have a desire to diversify and/or expand food services such as; contract manufacturing, processing, packaging, distribution or private label opportunities?
  • Do you have an interest in pursuing an excellent food & beverage franchise opportunity in Canada?  (Must be a "qualified" potential franchisee)

Interested in any of the above opportunities?
Global Trading Ventures will schedule a One hour FREE consultation with you to explore your goals. We seek only partners whose Vision, Mission and Core Values are in alignment with ours.  Please designate your interest using the Inquiry form on the "Contact Us" page.

Our Vision 
To be a world leader in the responsible exchange of commerce between nations, cultures and people in alignment with economic and environmental sustainability. 

Our Core Values

Quality: Food safety and taste are imperative.  We require all of our suppliers and producers within the supply chain to uphold ISO and HACCP standards and practices where applicable.

Ethical Trade: We are committed to implementing a "due-diligence" policy and review with all of our suppliers.  Our goal is to ensure responsible labor practices, safe working conditions and employment "at will" is exercised throughout the supply chain to the best of our ability.  If necessary, we work with our global partners to support continuous improvement of Ethical Trade practices to resolve any issues.

Reliability: We serve our customers and global partners through consistent and dependable actions and communication relative to the sourcing, pricing, transportation and delivery of goods and services.

Environmental Sustainability: We deploy wise environmental practices through the recycling, reuse, and reduction of waste wherever and whenever possible.  We support growers, farmers and the environment through sound practices of sustainable agriculture and land practices. 

Integrity:  Our core values are the "Talk" of Global Trading Ventures and our behavior is the "Walk" of Global Trading Ventures.  We practice integrity by "Walking our Talk" when our actions are in alignment with our words.